Buying Guide of Birdwatchers

Buying Guide of Birdwatchers: Finding the best birdwatcher is not easy. There are several goods on the industry from which to pick, and the best one is dependent on you and your demands.

Therefore, you must take the time before you decide on a product and paint a clear picture of what exactly it is you need in your binoculars.

Price is also a decisive factor, but sometimes it is recommended to spend a little extra on a product that can last a lifetime. If you buy a very cheap product, it will be difficult to watch birds, and you will also need to buy a new product almost every year.

In the list below, you will find questions and other things worth considering if you want to buy the best birdwatcher.

Is a Tripod Required for My Binoculars?

A tripod is not something that is usually included when buying binoculars, even if you manage to find the best bird binoculars on the market, but it is a useful accessory.

When talking about a magnification of 10x or more, it becomes very difficult to hold the binoculars steady enough, and a tripod can be a good and simple solution.

However, a good stand costs at least a few hundred kroner, which is worth thinking about if a stand is something important to you.

Is It Okay With a Used Birdwatcher?

If you are looking for the absolute best birdwatcher, you need to pay a larger sum. This can not be avoided if you want a proper product. This is why many people are considering buying a used product.

There’s really nothing bad with it though, however there are a few things to consider if you’re looking to buy old binoculars. The pressure in binoculars decreases with time, and older binoculars will thus have lower internal pressure, affecting the quality of the product.

Some of the products on this list also have a five-year warranty – if the product you buy is older than that, you have no warranty on the product.

There is also a risk that the lenses have several scratches that can be a nuisance when watching birds. All in all, it is usually best to buy a brand new product, because then you know for sure what it is you are getting.

The Best Birdwatcher for Beginners

If you are new to bird watching or bird hunting, it is recommended that you buy binoculars with a magnification of 8x. Such binoculars often have a wider field of view and are also easier to use.

Lower magnification is also better in lower light conditions, and binoculars of this type tend to be a lot cheaper. An example of a suitable product is Black Moose Handheld Binoculars 8 × 42.

How Important Is a Rangefinder in My Binoculars?

Today, there are several binoculars with a built-in rangefinder, and these can be extremely useful during hunting. However, many of these built-in rangefinders can be of a slightly lower quality, and they also significantly raise the binoculars’ price.

You can buy this separately if you need a rangefinder with your binoculars. You thus avoid paying everything at once and can ensure that you can buy the absolute best rangefinder in terms of price.

Which Binoculars Work Best in the Dark?

Not all binoculars work well in a darker light. A pair of binoculars with thermal functionality is best for you who want to see in the dark, but these products are relatively expensive, and the image quality is also worse.

Night binoculars can be used in more situations than thermal binoculars and are therefore preferable for you who want to use the binoculars for anything other than just night hunting.

Night binoculars work great in darker lights but are not recommended as it is pitch black outside. A good example of binoculars that work well in the dark is the Bushnell Excursion EX 10 × 42.

I’m Looking for the Best Birdwatcher With Autofocus

A pair of binoculars with autofocus is recommended. These are more user-friendly and give you a sharper image. If you want a product with a good focus that works well at shorter distances, Geco Hand Binoculars 8 × 42 are a pair of binoculars worth checking out.

Bird Binoculars for Children

If you want to buy a birdwatcher for your child, you must buy a lighter product easily adjusted. Adjustable eyecups are a must, especially if your child wears glasses. Lower magnification is also better, as it will be easier for your child to use the binoculars, which makes the whole process more fun and educational.

A suitable product is Delta Optical Forest II 8 × 42. Delta Optical Forest II 8 × 42 is one of the cheaper products on the list, but it offers very good image quality, 8x magnification, and easily adjusted.

What Do I Do if My Binoculars Break?

Sitting with a broken birdwatcher is very difficult. Hopefully, you have a good guarantee of your product. Most of the products on this list have a warranty of at least five years, but some have much longer warranties.

If the warranty on your product has expired, it will be difficult because a pair of binoculars is not a particularly easy product to repair.

You will then probably have to buy a brand new product. Feel free to buy a product like Vortex Diamondback HD 8 × 32 because you get a lifetime guarantee with that product.

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